2/22/2014 Extreme Potholes Lafayette, IN

fter a long awaited thaw across the Midwest, the tolls of a severe Winter become apparent on a busy thoroughfares in Lafayette, IN as drivers face damaging potholes.

Scene 1: Cars drive around crater like potholes in a shopping outlet.

Scene 2: Wide shot of a car attempting to dodge a series of potholes.

Scene 3: Close-Up shot of tires kicking up rocks pans out to a wide shot of cars speeding through a mine field of craters.

Scene 4: A hubcap lays at the roadside, a testament to the damaging roadway nearby.

Scene 5: A piece of a hubcap lays near the street as drivers dodge the minefield of crater-like potholes in the background.

Scene 6: A close-up pan of the extensive minefield of potholes as cars precariously speed through.

Scene 7: Traffic avoids the lane with damaging potholes.

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