2/15/2014 Twin Cities Wrecks And Heavy Snow Coverage B-Roll

Video Footage highlighting the very heavy snowfall bursts that impacted the Twin Cites Metro area in the mid to late afternoon hours dropping 1-3 inches of snow in a short time and catching motorists and travelers off guard!

Video footage includes;

1. High speed large MNDOT snowplow oncoming and close at the cammera POV.
2. SUV spun out in the ditch median with a flatbed tow on the scene while very heavy snow falls.
3. Multiple POV shots of the crash scene as well as the slow traffic and ice and snow covered roadways while heavy snow falls in the shot.
4. Shots of single and multi vehicle crashes in the Minneapolis area with troopers and tow trucks on the scenes.
5. MSP Airport snow removal and major deicing operations while under a temporary break in the delay ground stop on the field. , Shots include multiple POV's of deicing on the main runway, departure backups, blowing and drifting snow on the taxiways as well as major runway snow removal operations at close range near the main runway.