2/17/2014 Twin Cities Intense Heavy Snowfall

Video Footage Highlighting the Intense and quick hitting Winter storm impacting the Twin Cites Metropolitan Area right at the top peak of the Morning Rush Hour travel commute!

Video footage features include;

1.Extreme Close up Shot of 2 Minneapolis snow plows fighting to keep the city streets clean during a heavy snowfall burst.

2.Multiple POV Close ups of County and State snowplows working and plowing highways and major roadways in the intense snowfall and gridlock traffic.

3.Local snowfall removal operations footage shot featuring a large snowblower blowing snow as well as a very large snow plow clearing the streets full across.

4.POV shots of the snarled slow moving gridlock traffic on Interstate 35 in the Minneapolis area at the peak of the intense snowfall bursts.

5.People shoveling the heavy snow and struggling to keep up with the 2 inch per hours snowfall rates in St.Paul MN.

6. Shots of difficult travel conditions and heavy snow covered roadways along with the poor visibility in Minneapolis.