2/14/2014 Clear Creek County, CO I-70 Hazard

Icy winter conditions lead to slow driving along I-70 in the mountains west of Denver where travelers were left sitting on the interstate at times because of the conditions.

Scenes 1-2: POV shots of C-DOT electronic signs warning drivers of icy conditions.

Scene 3: Pulling up to the scene of a stopped Highway Patrol vehicle behind a semi stuck on the ice.

Scene 4: Cool shot of Highway Patrol in wind-driven snow along I-70 in Clear Creek County.

Scene 5: Driving by the highway patrol on the highway that is blocking the right lane.

Scene 6: Close-up of semi-truck wheels spinning on ice as camera passes on the left.  The semi was unable to proceed due to the ice on the highway.

Scenes 7-8: Shots of stopped traffic on I-70 taken from the backup.

Scenes 9-10: POV drive shots of interstate conditions east of the Eisenhower Tunnel in Clear Creek County.

Scene 11: EB snowplow on I-70.

Scene 12: Shot of snowplow on local road just off I-70 in Clear Creek County.

Scene 13: Shot of ICY ROAD sign on local road just of I-70.