2/13/2014 Barnwell South Carolina Freezing Rain Aftermath B-Roll

Historic ice storm cripples the Southeast prompting a "Civil Emergency" to be ordered for most of South Carolina. Barnwell, SC takes brunt of ice storm receiving over `1 inch of accumulated glaze ice from freezing rain taking down utility lines and trees. Roads are treacherous if not impassible and there are power outages surrounding Barnwell. Utility crews work hard to fix downed lines and remove trees to get power restored to the area.
All scenes shot in and around Barnwell, SC during the morning of February 13, 2014.


1-5: shots of utility Crews working to fix power lines in Barnwell, SC

6: large tree branch hanging on power lines

7 & 8: pushed in shot of ice covered power lines and pole

9. pushed in shot of utility truck navigating around fallen trees and low hanging ice covered power lines

10. emergency crews clearing trees and debris from roads

11 & 12: shots of car trapped in ditch

13 & 14: shots of large uprooted tree smashing a residential fence in Barnwell, SC

15: shots of vehicles navigating treacherous roads with fallen and falling trees

16. pushed-in shot of ice covered power lines and trees along treacherous road

17. shot of "Barnwell, SC" sign surrounded by fallen tree branches

18. point of view driving shot navigating around fallen trees on road

19. point of view driving shot of ice-covered fallen trees on side of road

20. quick point of view driving shot of debris falling from a tree

21. shot of Barnwell water tower, ice covered trees & power lines, and traffic

22. pushed in shot of many ice covered trees

23. pushed in shot of frozen American flag

24. shot of ice covered branches

25. pushed in shot of ice-covered branches

26. pushed in shot of "Hurricane Evacuation Route" sign covered in ice, hurricanes are typically disasters in this part of the country, not ice storms

27. wide shot of many bent and fallen trees covered in thick ice