2/4/2014 Wichita, KS Winter Travel Nightmare Slide Offs and Dig Outs

Snow was still falling Tuesday evening across the Wichita metro area. Slide offs and wrecks were common during the evening commute home from work. Now that the snow is winding down, crews are out digging out.

Shot List

TRT 3:18

1) A shot of a black SUV stuck in a ditch.

2) A tow truck driver getting ready to hook up to the SUV in heavy snow and strong winds.

3) Tow truck driver reducing slack in the cable to the SUV.

4) Tow truck trying to pull out the SUV, but not getting any traction and spinning rear tires.

5) Tow truck slowly inching the SUV out of the ditch.

6) Tow truck finally getting the SUV back onto the road.

7) Slide off along interstate 135 north of Wichita.

8) Another slide off along interstate 135 north of Wichita.

9) A sign cautioning motorist along the interstate to slow down.

10) A man trying to clear snow from his vehicle.

11) POV shot of a snow packed intersection.

12) Tractor clearing snow and creating sparks.

13) Snow plows clearing streets (coming towards camera).

14) Snow plows clearing streets (moving away from camera).

15) Snow blowing in lights at the wind is forecasted to increase this evening and create snow drifts.

16) People walking out to their vehicle in the snow.

17,18,19) Various shots of a small tractor/bobcat clearing snow.