2/4/2014 Washington County IL Stranded Motorists B-Roll

Severe winter conditions make a mess out of I-64 west of Mt. Vernon in Washington County, Illinois. Mt. Vernon is about an hour east of St. Louis.

Video package shot along I-64 at the US-51 Junction north of the town of Ashley in Washington County where numerous vehicles became stranded in the near white-out conditions and dangerous road conditions. Includes scenes of several vehicles being pushed out of snow near the highways.

Only a few inches of snow had fallen across the area, but sleet and ice made for extremely difficult travel and caused highway ramps to become parking lots at times til snow plows were able to get in and remove the snow.

Scene 1-6: Shots of a Jeep stuck in the center median of I-64 in Washington County and includes shots of people trying to push the Jeep out. Jeep was eventually pushed 1/5 mile down the median to a U-turn crossing and was able to get out.

Scene 7-9: A police officer and other motorist struggle to free a vehicle from the US-51 on-ramp to EB I-64.

Scene 10-11: Two views of a stranded semi on the US-51 on-ramp to I-64 EB.

Scene 12: Shot of cop car blocking on-ramp with two stranded semis in the foreground.

Scene 13-14: Snow plow blowing by stranded semis and cop to clear the on-ramp and finally re-opening it.

Scene 15-19: Various shots of a vehicle about to fall into a roadside at along US-51 at the I-64 junction.

Scene 20: Two cop cars with cops walking in snow near Mt. Vernon.

Scene 21-24: Various shots of white-out conditions along I-64 near US-51.