2/4/2014 Ina, IL Interstate 57 Closure Due To Numerous Wrecks

The snow and ice cleared out of southern IL mid-evening after leaving behind up to 7-inches of snow in places. However, the evening roads were less than ideal for travel with many spin-ups and major accidents, including one that shut down I-57 for over two hours just south of Ina, IL (10 miles south of Mt. Vernon).

Scene 1a-1b: Drive-by of the two semi accident that closed down the interstate for over two hours, opening just after 10pm local time.

Scene 2: Wide shot of accident scene from the backup on I-57 with a cop driving slowly on the shoulder toward the accident scene.

Scene 3-4: Shots looking at the traffic backup from outside the vehicle.

Scene 5-6: Shots of ambulance leaving the accident scene, driving the opposite direction down the inside shoulder.

Scene 7: Passing a snowplow at the scene of a spin-out.

Scene 8: Snowplow stopped with driver and spin-out victim on the shoulder of I-57 north of Ina.

Scene 9: Shot of the vehicle spun-out on the side of I-57.

Scene 10-11: Shots of jack-knifed semi in the median of I-57 near Ina.

Scene 12-14: Shots of an ambulance driver assisting a stranded motorist at an exit ramp along I-57 north of Ina.

Scene 15-16: Spun-out white sedan in the median of I-57 north of Ina.

Scene 17-20: Shots of vehicles with drivers trying to clear their windshield wipers of ice on an off-ramp of I-57 near Ina.

Scene 21-22: Shots of snowplows on I-57.

Scene 23: Shot of driving vehicle with blowing snow from semi truck.