1/31/2014 Wichita Kansas IcyTravel Hazard B-Roll

A winter weather advisory was in effect for most of the day in Wichita, Kansas. This was issued by the National Weather Service due to the expected freezing drizzle creating slick roadways and hazardous travel conditions.

TRT – 2:17

1) An SUV that hit a slick bridge on interstate 235 in Wichita. The SUV rolled down the embankment numerous times and totaled the vehicle.

2) The scene of a single roll over accident where the truck came to a rest upright. Police just arriving on the scene.

3,4) Accident scene shots.

5) Paramedics and firefighters helping an injured driver with a bloody forehead to an EMS vehicle.

6) A sign warning motorists to slow their speed due to the freezing drizzle and potential slick spots.

7) A car owner tried covering their windshield to prevent ice from accumulating.

8) A car windshield covered in a layer of ice from the freezing drizzle.

9) A closer shot of the ice accumulation on the windshield.

10) Traffic stopped at an intersection with wet/slick road conditions.

11) A shot of car tires as they travel through a wet/slick intersection.

12,13) Traffic shots from downtown Wichita, where the ice accumulations on the roadways were not as bad due to better pre-treating of the roadway.

14) Flag shot showing a northerly breeze creating wind chills in the lower teens here in Wichita.