1/30/2014 Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snows

Fast hitting winter storm that dropped 6 inches of snow on the area.
Scene 1.Rice Lake park sign with no falling.
Scene 2.Statue with snow falling.
Scene 3.Dash cam, a car stuck in a snow bank.
Scene 4.Dash cam, people shoveling a car out of the snow ridge left by plow.
Scene 5. heavy snow falling with visibilities les than 1/4 mile.
Scene 6.Snow blowing over the road.
Scene 7.Car going through red light.
Scene 8.Snow plow plowing snow.
Scene 9. Snow plow coming towards the camera and snow removal on Main street.
Scene 10. Snow blowing across the road. with vehicle coming towards the camera.
Scenes 12-14 Snow falling.
Scene 15. Flag blowing in the wind.
Scene 16. Snow falling and blowing snow.