1/15/2014 Minneapolis, MN Rush Hour Snow Cold B-Roll

Snow fell over the Minneapolis, MN area on the eve of the latest Blizzard that is forecast to hit the western part of the state on Thursday.

Various scenes from around Minneapolis, MN with additional footage starting at the 2:51 time code of a Jack Knifed Semi Truck in Avon, MN.  

Clip 1 Skyline shot of Minneapolis with haze and snow obscuring the scene.

Clip 2-3 Driving on Interstate 94 with blowing snow.

Clip 3 Woman walking on Hennepin Avenue looking cold with her face covered.

Clip 4 Woman covering here face in the cold wind on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Clip 5 Street lights on Hennepin Avenue with snow falling.

Clip 6 Police officer directing traffic from a parking garage is ready for the cold with barely any skin exposed except for his eyes and lips.

Clip 7 Woman waiting to cross the street wearing a parka.

Clip 8 Woman wrapped up to avoid the cold.

Clip 9 Woman walking in the cold.

Clip 10 Man walking across 6th street in the cold weather looking cold.  

Clip 11 Man walking along 6th street in the cold and his face is covered.

Clip 12 Low traffic shot with the snow on Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 13 Group of people walking across Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 14 Low traffic shot with the snow and someone rides past on a bicycle.

Clip 15  Woman walking in the cold with a Parka

Clip 16  Woman walking looking cold on Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 17 – 18 Snow plow on Interstate 35W kicking up sparks from the blade while dumping salt on the roadway to clear the latest round of snow.

Extra footage from Avon Minnesota starting at TC 02;51;01
Clip 19 POV drive by shot of Minnesota State Trooper putting flares down on the ground and drive by a jack knifed semi truck in the ditch.

Clip 20 Big rig tow truck drives on the scene.  Pan shot of the truck moving in and pans to wreck.

Clip 21 – 22 Tight and medium shots of the jack knifed semi truck.

Clip 23 State trooper squad car on the road behind the wreck.

Clip 24 POV drive by shot in the east bound lanes of the wreck.