01/16/2014 Minnesota/N. Dakota Blizzard B-Roll

Clip 1: Trucks in blizzard conditions at I-29 Rest Area near Halstad, MN exit
Clip 2:  More Trucks getting snowed in at rest area.
Clip 3: ND Highway 200 Sign almost not visible because of blowing snow
Clip 4: Highway ND 200 Overpass
Clip 5: Vehicle in ditch on I-29
Clip 6: I-29 in City of Fargo behind snowplow
Clip 7: Snow removal equipment at Fargo International Airport
Clip 8:  Shot of Tarmac at Fargo International Airport
Clip 9: Snowplow on 19th Ave N in Fargo
Clip 10: Snowplow on I-29
Slip 11:  Shot of no travel Advised sign Canada to SD Border
Clip 12: Hector International Airport Sign
Clip 13: Shot of road outside Halstad MN not visible due to blowing snow