1/5/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Sub Zero Early morning B-Roll

With the start of the next arctic blast to the upper Midwest, the temps have started to drop well below zero.  Shot in Saint Cloud, MN which is the far northwest suburb of the Twin Cities metro area, the temperatures have dropped rapidly after midnight to the double digit below zero range.

B-Roll package includes time lapse of a breakfast of Steak, Bacon and Eggs freezing solid in under 9 minutes along with clips of signs showing the current temp at -12F.

Clip 1 Standup shot in front of the camera explaining the setup of the timelapse shot to document freezing the food.

Clip 2, Setting up the food to be frozen and timelapse of 9 minutes to show the food freezing.

Clip 3 Standup shot explaining the freezing of the food and if you have to be out today that you need to dress warm.

Clip 4 Sign showing it is -12F below

Clip 5 Sign showing that the temp is -12F below zero.

Clip 6 Large flag at 25th and Division blowing in the wind.

Clip 7 Traffic on Division

Clip 8 People walking in downtown Saint Cloud looking cold.

Clip 9 Two women walking in the cold and not dressed for the temps and they are freezing.