1/2/2014 Internatoinal Falls, MN -40F Below Zero B-Roll

Some of the coldest air of the winter has settled over the boarder town known as "The Icebox of the Nation" International Falls, MN with temps in the -40F range this morning.

Clip 1 International Falls Chamber Of Commerce Building.

Clip 2 – 3 The outside air temperature reading the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit at -40 Below Zero.  

Clip 4 Flags near the boarder standing still

Clip 5 Tight shot of the flag frozen in place in the still air.

Clip 6 Showing what happens to an Egg in a frying pan in the -40 degree temps.

Clip 7 Time lapse footage of an egg in a frying pan in the -40 temp freezing in just under 5 minutes.

Clip 8 Explaining what just happened to the egg in the frying pan as if it were exposed skin.

Clip 9 – 16 Various B-Roll around downtown International Falls with signs and traffic.