1/5/2014 Historic MN Cold Weather B-Roll

Video Package from west central Minnesota as well as the Minneapolis/St.Paul Metro area highlighting the Dangerous & Life threatening -25 air temperatures and -45 wind chills within a record breaking and Historic arctic cold air mass that has now taken its 48 hour hold on the Upper Midwest region.

Video Footage Includes:
-MNDOT highway crews Spot Salting icy patches on western MN roadways in the pre-dawn hours near Morris MN.

-25F reading on a LED thermometer.
-Arctic looking frigid cold sunrise over the town of Morris,Minnesota with deep snowpack,and cold smoke and steam filtering the sunrise over the city looking like a fire.

-A rare private feeding of waterfowl and Trumpeter Swans along the banks of the Mississippi River near Monticello, MN with over 3000 Swans fighting for food and warmth in the extremely cold -28 degree air along the river with steam rising in the air from the 32 degree water. (Shot highlighting the effects of the cold on regional wild animals.)

-POV shots of people in Downtown Minneapolis bundled up and struggling to stay warm as they venture outside in the city streets.

-Arctic Sun at its highest point in the sky while at -20 in downtown Minneapolis.

-Iconic POV shots of the cold downtown Minneapolis skyline during the peak of the historic arctic outbreak.

-Shot of digital sign outside a Minneapolis School of No School as all schools in the state of Minnesota are Closed due to the extreme cold.