1/5/2014 Indianapolis, IN Heavy Snow Traffic Travel Hazard B-Roll

A powerful winter storm buries Midwest with over a foot of snow. Indianapolis is one of the hardest hit cities with snowfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour.

All footage from Indianapolis Metro, mostly on I-65, I-465, I-70, I-69, and city streets.

Scene 1: car driving on snow-covered Indianapolis street

Scenes 2-4: extremely heavy 2-4 inch per hour snowfall rates over neighborhood in Northeast Indianapolis

Scenes 5-6: snowplows on I-465 in Indianapolis can't keep up with extremely heavy snowfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour

Scenes 7-8: traffic on snow-covered I-65 in Indianapolis, visibility is very low and roads are treacherous.

Scenes 9-11: slow-moving vehicles on dangerous snow-covered I-70 in Indianapolis, and footage of I-70 sign with snow falling

Scene 12: truck driving on dangerous snow-covered I-465 with heavy snow falling

Scenes 13-15: Indianapolis police vehicle is stuck on elevated Interstate ramp connecting I-465 and I-70 in Indianapolis

Scene 16: Semi-truck driving on snow-covered I-69 in Indianapolis with heavy snow falling