1/5/2014 Southern Illinois Interstate 57 Closure Wrecks Snow B-Roll Package

A major winter storm hammers parts of southern IL with up to 10-inches of snow since sunrise this morning. Blowing and drifting snow along with the heavy falling snow limited visibility to less than 100 yards at times, leading to numerous accidents and extreme hazardous driving conditions.

Video package shot in Jefferson County around the city of Mt. Vernon. See shot list for locations.

PART 1 (0:00-1:55) – I-57 at Mile Marker 104-105; 10 miles north of Mt. Vernon in extreme northern Jefferson County.

Multi-vehicle accident closed I-57 at MM105 for nearly an hour as crews cleared up the scene. Video shot just as northbound lanes were reopened.

Scene 1: State Patrol stopping traffic on NB I-57.

Scene 2: State Patrol with stopped semis on I-57 NB.

Scene 3: Disabled vehicle with state patrol within accident scene of I-57 NB.

Scene 4: Man walking along shoulder of I-57 from disabled vehicle.

Scene 5: Shot of stopped traffic in heavy low visibility snow looking south along I-57.

Scene 6: Semi drives away from accident scene.

Scene 7: Panning shot looking down I-57 stopped traffic.

Scene 8: Wide shot to zoom as traffic is allowed to start moving north on I-57.

Scene 9-10: Traffic moving around crashed vehicle in very heavy snow.

Scene 11: Shot looking down at interstate from overpass of slowed traffic.

Scene 12: POV shot of vehicle in the ditch with state patrol on scene on I-57 just south of closure.

PART 2 (1:55-3:42) – Shots along I-64 and IL-15 in western Jefferson County.

Scenes 13-16: Shots of tow truck on-scene with a vehicle on EB I-64 west of Mt. Vernon. Vehicle is able to clear the scene.

Scene 17: Shot of a vehicle in center median of I-64.

Scene 18: POV of oncoming fire truck along IL-15.

Scene 19: Oncoming plow clearing the highway west of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 20: POV shot of oncoming plow along IL-15 near Mt. Vernon.

Scene 21-24: Various shots of blowing snow across northwest Jefferson County.