1/4/2014 Salina Kansas Snow B-Roll

***Moderate snow is still falling in Salina, Kansas with an estimated 3" already on the ground. That didn't stop people from getting out in the winter weather Saturday night.***

TRT – 3:37

1) A father trying to keep the hood over his kid's head as the kid keeps taking it off in the snow.

2) People walking into Walmart in the snow.

3) Traffic at an intersection in Salina with blowing snow.

4) Lady getting gas in snow.

5) Semi truck broke down and driver slides around on the snow/ice while he awaits help to arrive.

6) Kids walking out of a fast food place.

7) Truck driver walking to his truck in snow.

8) Interstate 70 sign in Salina.

9) Interstate sign warning motorists of hazardous traveling conditions.

10) POV shot driving through Salina with snow.

11) A worker at Dollar General shoveling snow with no coat on.

12) Blowing snow and traffic on interstate 70 heading eastbound out of Salina.

13) Accident scene of a slide off along interstate 70 east of Salina.

14) Snow plow clearing interstate 70.

15) Man riding bike in snow.

16) Snow covered vehicles.

17) Interstate 135 with truck passing.

18) Man walking into store with snow and blowing snow.

19,20) Truck clearing snow from a parking lot.

21,22) B-roll shots of snow falling.