1/4/2013 Fargo, North Dakota and Minnesota Blizzard Aftermath Conditions B-Roll

New B-Roll footage from around the Fargo North Dakota area of the early morning conditions with the main interstates closed down after the blizzard conditions from last night.

Shot 1: Road Closed sign for I-29
Shot 2: Another shot of the I-29 Road Closed barricade
Shot 3: Ice and snow covered I-29 through Fargo with I-29 Closed road sign
Shot 4: I-29 Closed with Semi getting off ice covered i-29
Shot 5: Shot of car stuck in the ditch, car is covered in snow.
Shot 6: Another shot of car stuck in the ditch.
Shot 7: Nighttime shot of blowing snow across snow and ice covered roadway
Shot 8: Driving into Saturday Sunrise along road with snow blowing across Cass County Highway 20.
Shot 9: Shot of oncoming snowplow on Cass County Highway 20
Shot 10: Snowplow clearing icy and snow covered freeway entrance ramp.
Shot 11: Driving on snow and ice covered I-29
Shot 12: Behind a snowplow on I-29 dumping sand and salt on the road with oncoming snowplow.
Shot 13: Ambulance running with lights and sirens along Hwy 10 in MN
Shot 14: Partially down Railroad crossing guard with lights and snow blowing across it.
Shot 15: Rural county road in ND with snow blowing across it with sunrise in background.

TRT 4:46