12/24/2013 Wichita, KS Snow Clean Up and Travel Hazards B-Roll

***Snow and cold temperatures remain in Wichita for Christmas Eve as people are still digging out and cleaning up. Wichita will see a white Christmas this year.***

TRT – 4:48

1) A long clip of a group of people trying to remove a stuck vehicle from Saturday night. They are on the blind side of a hill, which is an accident waiting to happen, and a Suburban is blocking west-bound traffic. In the clip, the Suburban almost gets rear ended by a motorist who, luckily, obtains traction at the last minute and is able to steer left of the Chevy.

2) The group of people finally pull the white Pontiac from the ditch.

3) The interstate system has been cleared very well around the Wichita metro, but evidence of slick roads still remains as seen here with a truck stuck in the median.

4) POV shot driving on a clear interstate in Wichita. Side streets are still snow packed and slick.

5) Last minute holiday shoppers at Target along with a lot attendant pushing in shopping carts.

6) A man clearing snow from a vehicle at a car dealership.

7) Jump starting a dead car battery due to the cold weather.

8) A man clearing snow from cars.

9,10,11,12) Traffic shots in Wichita showing the slushy, icy, snow-packed conditions of the roads at some intersections where sporadic vehicle accidents are still being reported.

13,14,15) B-roll shots of ice cycles.

16,17,18) B-roll shots of cars covered in snow.