12/24/2013 Stearns County, MN Early AM Extreme Cold Weather B-roll

Extreme cold is an understatement as the coldest air of the season has moved in to central Minnesota as people get ready to travel for Christmas.  

Footage was shot in Stearns County, MN with air temps that dropped as low a -30F in place just outside of the city and the urban heat bubble.  Inside the city, the temperatures were slightly warmer from -17F to -22F.

Clip 1  Electronic Sign warning of the freezing temps.

Clip 2 Pullback shot of Christmas Lights to to a sign saying North Pole.  

Clip 3 – 4 Temp readings from the truck saying -30F  That is Negative Thirty Degrees Below Zero just north of Saint Cloud, MN where the winds were calm out side of the urban heat bubble.

Clip 5 Sign showing that the temps in Saint Cloud were dropping from -17F to -18F

Clip 6 Christmas Lights

Clip 7 Bank sign showing it was -22F

Clip 8 Another bank sign showing it was -21F

Clip 9 Sign showing the temp was -17F

Clip 10 Traffic on Highway 23 in the middle of the night.  

Clip 11 – 12 Smoke stack at Saint Cloud State in the sub zero weather. close up and wide shot with the moon.