12/21/2013 Athens, OH Squall Line and High Winds B-Roll

A line of severe storms prompted a series of severe thunderstorm and a couple tornado warnings across Ohio late Saturday evening. Numerous reports of wind damage and minor flooding were reported from the line as it crossed the state of Ohio at speeds up to 60mph. Several reports of wind damage along I-70 north of Athens from the same line as it blasted through. Most of southern Ohio were under severe thunderstorm watches during the evening and overnight.

Video package shot in the town of Athens, OH where a wind gust of 64mph was measured just in the neighboring town of Albany in the same county (Athens County) when the storms moved through.

Scene 1: Initial shot of high winds/rain in parking lot lights then pan down to a rolling trashcan that hits items in the parking lot.

Scene 2: High winds blowing trash cans around in a super market parking lot.

Scene 3: A trash can sliding across the parking lot in the high winds.

Scene 4: A trash bag flying around attached to an anchored trash can.

Scene 5: Wide shot of parking lot during storm with trash cans down in the foreground.

Scene 6: Shot of parking lot with rain blowing hard away from camera.

Scene 7: High winds and heavy rains blow over parked cars.

Scene 8: Shot of high winds blowing rain to the ground with trash cans down.

Scene 9-10: Pair of shots of high winds/rain in street lights.

Scene 11: High winds blowing rain at cars parking in parking lot.

Scene 12-14: Shots of heavy rains and wind in lights.

Scene 15: Shot looking through windshield at traffic lights bouncing in the wind.