12/26/2013 Big Muddy River Crest in Murphysboro, IL

Rivers across southern IL crested Thursday afternoon after upwards of 7-inches of rain helped melt snow and filled rivers across the region.  With several days of rising, the rivers across the region are finally starting to fall.

The Big Muddy River in Jackson County crested Thursday afternoon at moderate flood stage (28.39 feet) and is slowly beginning to fall.  On December 20, the level was just under 7 feet, so the river has risen nearly 22 feet within a six-day's time due to the rain and melted snow.  Cold temperatures have even made some of the flood waters freeze in places.

Dec 20 at 6am: 6.80'
Dec 26 at 6am: 28.39'
TOTAL RISE: 21.59' in 6 days.

(values from USGS)

Package shot in Murphysboro, Illinois in Jackson County approximately an hour and a half southeast of St. Louis and 45 minutes north of Cape Girardeau, MO.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of the Big Muddy River sign over IL-127 on the south side of Murphysboro.

Scene 3: Shot of submerged ROAD CLOSED sign in the 4th and Plum area in town.  Water is nearly frozen.

Scene 4: Wide shot of ROAD CLOSED sign and 4th sign.

Scene 5-6: Wide shots looking down at the 4th and Plum intersection submerged in nearly-frozen water.

Scene 7: Shot of a barricade looking down the street to flooding over road.

Scene 8: Shot of water coming up to amphitheater at Riverside Park in Murphysboro.

Scene 9-10: Shots of "No Swimming Allowed" sign submerged in water at the park.

Scene 11: Wide shot of flooded street with a nearly submerged barricade in the distance in the water.

Scene 12: Shot of submerged barricade in the water.

Scene 13-14: Wide shots of flooding with submerged barricade and park stuff.

Scene 15: Barricade laying down in flood waters.

Scene 16-18: Various angles and zooms of picnic table and trash can in water.

Scene 19: Zoomed in shot of flood waters.

Scene 20-23: Various shots of barricades blocking closed roads.

Scene 24: Shot of wood frozen into the icy flood waters.

Scene 25-26: Shots of water flow under the IL-127 bridge.