12/20/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Overnight Snow B-Roll

The start of the next winter system is underway as several inches of snow fell overnight in central Minnesota around the city of Saint Cloud.

Footage of snow cleanup, snow plows on the road and even a fire where a propane heater started a construction site on fire.

Clips 1 – 5 Snow removal in a parking lot in Saint Cloud, MN

Clips 6 – 9 Fire crews battle a fire at a construction site on University and Cooper in Saint Cloud. The cause of the fire was reported as it started from a propane heater in the 10F temps.

Clip 10 Drive by POV shot of a snow plow coming towards the camera

Clip 11 Street lights with heavy snow falling.

Clip 12 – 13 Snow covering the cars at a local car dealership.

Clip 14 – 15 POV Snow plow on Interstate 94

Clip 16 POV driving in heavy snow on Interstate 94

Clip 17 – 18 POV driving in heavy snow and blowing snow behind a snow plow.

Clip 19 Traffic on Highway 23 and 33rd avenue