12/21/2013 Wichita Kansas Snow

The powerful winter storm is still impacting the Wichita, KS area tonight as what started out as an ice storm this morning has changed over to heavy snow that is causing numerous accidents this evening.

TRT – 3:35

1,2) Shots from the scene of a vehicle accident.

3,4) Traffic shots in downtown Wichita with snow packed roads.

5,6) Shots of downtown Wichita.

7,8) Shots of blowing snow.

9) Snow falling in lights.

10) Man scraping snow off of his vehicle.

11,12) Snowplow shots.

13) Interstate sign warning motorist of slick travel conditions.

14,15) Snow falling against lights.

16) Man pushing shopping cart across parking lot.

17) Clearing snow from a parking lot.

18) Snow falling in lights.

19) Car covered in snow.

20) A man tightening a bolt on a truck plow.

21) A man scraping snow from his windshield and window wiper.