12/14/2013 Upstate New York Snow Storm, Albany NY Winter B-Roll

Major Northeast snow storm drops incredible amounts of snow over Upstate New York slamming cites like Albany. Very heavy snow with 2-3 inch per hour snowfall rates makes roads treacherous for travelers with white-out conditions and deep snow on roadways.

Clips 1-5: Shots of Interstate 80 near Patterson, New Jersey with snow covered highway, snow plows, slow moving traffic, stopped cars, and New Jersey State welcome sign.

Clips 6-13: Shots of cars and trucks stuck in ditches with emergency vehicles, traffic in heavy snow covered roads, heavy snowfall and highway traffic on Interstate 87 in Northern New Jersey.

Clip 14: Shot of very heavy snow with near white-out conditions on Interstate 87 on New York/New Jersey Border.

Clip 15: Truck and people stopped in heavy snow on Interstate 87 south of Albany, NY.

Clip 16 & 17: Heavy snow in car lights and street lights near Albany, NY.

Clip 18: Men shoveling sidewalks near Albany, NY with heavy snow falling at 2-3 inch per hour rates.

Clips 19-21: Heavy snow with Interstate 87 Traffic and snow-covered highway in Albany, NY, and Albany, NY highway sign.

Clips 22 & 23: Heavy snow and traffic in Albany, NY. Car fish-tails in slippery conditions.

Clips 24-29: 2-3 inch per hour snowfall rates near Albany, NY on Interstate 87, with white-out highway shots, snow in headlight shot, flags with heavy snow shot, street light and snow shot, cars covered in snow with heavy snow falling shot.