12/13/2013 Williamson County, IL Daytime Snow B-Roll

The first wave of the next winter storm moved into southern Illinois late Friday afternoon bringing a quick shot of snow to the region before easing into the night. The snow, which came down heavy at times, fell at an inch an hour at it's highest rate leaving a half an inch in 30 minutes. It did slicken roads a bit and caused one spin-off along I-57 just north of Marion.

Video package shot around the towns of Marion and Herrin in Williamson County, approximately 45 minutes south of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

TRT – 2:37

Scene 1-3: Heavy snow and low visiblity POV shots.

Scene 4: Unloading school bus in the heavy snow with two kids getting out.

Scene 5: Oncoming snow plows laying down salt along IL-13 just outside of Marion.

Scene 6: POV drive shot along I-57 northbound north of Marion with two cops and a van that went off the road in the snowstorm. Driver was not hurt.

Scenes 7-10: Various shot of high contrast heavy snow falling around the county.

Scene 11-13: Hot of a black car with the accumulating snow falling.

Scene 14: Shot of tree with blowing branch and snow falling.

Scene 15: A vehicle drives away form the camera as the snow falls.