11/22/2013 Pratt Kansas Snow Storm

*Snowfall on Friday over western Kansas averaged around 2-3" in most areas. Video package shows conditions from the Pratt, Kansas area early Friday afternoon.

TRT – 3:00

1) A man and woman walking. They become background subjects behind traffic. Man slips on the slick conditions towards the end of the clip.

2) A man spreading ice melt in the parking lot of a department store.

3) A man walking into a store.

4) Couple walking into a store.

5,6) Two people shoveling snow and ice from their driveway.

7,8,9) Snow plow shots spreading sand and plowing snow.

10,11) Traffic shots in downtown Pratt. In second clip, the white Tundra looses traction while trying to accelerate.

12,13) B-roll shots of vehicles with snow covering the windows.