11/22/2013 Oklahoma City, OK Ice Storm

A long morning of freezing rain and drizzle, along with occasional sleet made for very bad road conditions across central Oklahoma. Numerous crashes with injury occurred with the majority of the crashes happening along I-240 in Oklahoma City. Seen in this video is a multitude of accidents as well as some shots showing the significant icing that occurred.

Shot 1: Fire/EMS crews escort an injured person via a stretcher to their ambulance. You can see the damaged vehicle with airbags deployed.

Shot 2: Shows crews talking with an injured person still in a vehicle.

Shot 3: A wider shot, showing the previous flipped vehicle and the stretcher being brought out of the ambulance.

Shot 4: Shows a truck which had flipped on I35.

Shot 5: A slow drive by shot of a flipped vehicle in I240.

Shot 6: A drive by shot of a fire truck with a flipped vehicle in the end of the shot.

Shot 7: Shows a state trooper on scene of a flipped truck on I35.

Shot 8: Shows emergency crews attempting to pull a person from a vehicle and get them onto a stretcher.

Shot 9: Shows sleet falling onto already ice covered surfaces.

Shot 10: Shows sleet falling onto an icy car hood.

Shot 11: Shows icicles on surfaces.