11/27/2013 Sarasota, Florida Overnight Thunderstorm B-Roll

As the powerful winter storm system moves off to the east coast, the trailing edge of it moved onto the west coast of Florida during the overnight hours.

1) Lightning strikes behind fishing pier at Ringling bridge on Sarasota Bay.
2) Sea bird on pier railing in heavy rain and bright lightning.
3) Guy in hoodie leaving pier in rain.
4,5) Two shots of heaving rain falling.
6) Looking down empty pier with rain.
7) Heavy chop from winds on bay.
8) Traffic splashing big in minor road flooding on US 41.
9,10) Traffic in rain on US 41.
11) Palm with tower behind in rain.
12) POV dashcam on US-41 with rain and hitting ponding water.
13) Night shot of skyline with low hanging clouds.