8/15/2013 McPherson County Kansas Severe Storm

***Severe thunderstorms rolled south across central and south-central Kansas producing large hail and damaging winds this evening. This video shows the storms as they moved across McPherson County.***

TRT – 1:34

1) A wide shot on a supercell storm tower with a developing wall cloud.

2) A tighter shot on the storm base and wall cloud.

3) POV shot driving towards storm base and wall cloud.

4) Time-lapse shot on wall cloud.

5) Real-time shot on wall cloud.

6,7) Gust front shots.

8) Wind driven rain bands with small hail hitting the vehicle.

9) Wind and rain shot.

10) Wind and rain over trees.

11) A long POV shot, driving on highway 81, with strong winds and heavy rain.

12) A flag blowing in thunderstorm winds over McPherson County.