8/19/2013 Minneapolis, MN Dog Days Of Summer News B-Roll

Who let the dogs out because after an unusually cool and sometimes cold summer in Minneapolis, MN, the  Dog days of summer have finally arrived this week.

Footage shot around the south beach of  Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN

TRT 3:41

Clip 1 People on a paddle boards on Lake

Clip 2 People at South Beach on lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

Clip 3 People walking their dog (dog days)

Clip 4 Two women running with their dog and run right up to the camera next to the fountain with a dish with water for the dogs.

Clip 5 Low shot of a dog walking by the camera.

Clip 6 Medium shot of people in the water at the beach with the skyline in the background

Clip 7 Medium shot of two women standing in the lake.

Clip 8 – 9 Life guards looking out over the water.

Clip 10 Someone running

Clip 11 People walking and running past the camera

Clip 12 A couple walking past the camera

Clip 13 A man helping a young girl get a drink from the well fountain

Clip 14 Group of people biking on the bike path

Clip 15 People out on the diving platform on the lake.

Clip 16 – 17 People playing volleyball