8/12/2013 Anna, IL Hydroplane HeavyRains Footage

Severe-warned storms swept across southern IL early Monday afternoon bringing heavy rain and wind.Storms that moved across Union County lead to nearly an inch of rain falling in places within 45 minutes and lead to a hydroplaning accident along I-57.

Video package includes scenes of vehicle in median in addition to the car being pulled out by a tow truck driver who just happened upon the scene. The Mississippi man was southbound back to MS and spun 1-and-a-half times when heavy rains caused him to lose control of the truck. He came to rest facing the southbound lanes and was not injured, just shaken up.

While examining his truck, a tow driver pulled on to the scene and latched up his tow truck to the vehicle and pulled him out. Afterwards, the Miss. man was insistent on trying to give the truck driver something for helping him, but the tow truck driver was equally as insistent on not taking payment and was just happy he could help the man.

Examination of the truck showed the exhaust pipe was bent around under the vehicle, but was still drivable. Upon recommendation from the two truck driver, the man took his truck to the Anna exit only a couple miles down to have a nearby body shop cut off the bent pipe so he could continue his trip home to Mississippi.

Shot List

Scene 1: Panned shot of the tire tracks in the median to the stranded truck.

Scene 2: Shot of the man and his truck as the tow truck arrives on scene.

Scene 3-4: Wide and close shots of the tow truck driver attaching a chain to the pickup truck.

Scene 5: Long shot of the pickup's first attempt to straighten out the pickup truck in the median.

Scene 6: Man gets back in his awkwardly positioned truck in the median.

Scene 7: Shot as tow truck pulls the pickup to the inside shoulder of I-57.

Scene 8: Shot of the bent exhaust under the pickup truck.

Scene 9: Shot of man and pickup truck in the median before tow truck arrived.

Scene 10: Wide shot after being pulled out when Illinois State Patrol arrived.

Scene 11-13: Shots of storm clouds on the approaching storm.

Scene 14-15: POV drive shots during the heavy rains.

Scene 16-17: Wide and close shot of a vehicle with emergency flashes pulled off the road during the heavy rains.

Scene 18: Truck drives through flooded road in the town of Anna.

Scene 19: A vehicle pulls out of an intersection through some minor ponding.

Scene 20: A couple vehicles drive through a puddle of water in Anna.

Scene 21: Static shot of flooded sideroad.

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