8/6/2013 Central MN Severe Hail

Severe storms hit central Minnesota this evening as tornado warned and severe warned storms moved along Interstate 94 from western Minnesota to the Twin Cities metro area.   

Footage shows the storms from just west of Glenwood, MN where the storm became tornado warned to near New London, MN where the storm became outflow dominant and a major hail producer.   

Clip 1 Driving west on Highway 28 towards a tornado warned storm.

Clip 2 – 3 Looking west towards the tornado warned storm with a rain shaft on the right and ragged disorganized lowering on the left.

Clip 4 Flanking the storm on the south side as the leading edge overtakes the vehicle.

Clip 5 Driving in hail

Clip 6 Driving in larger hail that hits the car right in front or the camera. Good audio.

Clip 7 Zoomed in shot of the hail on the ground while driving.

Clip 8 POV shot following another car in the hail storm.

Clip 9 Driving in the hail with lots of tree branches down.

Clip 10 Driving into New London with hail failing.

Clip 11 Lots of large hail falling and making a dash to get under a gas station canopy.

Clip 12 Looking out towards the street while parked as the hail falls.

Clip 13 – 14 Hail falling and the camera while shooting hail hitting parked cars.

Clip 15 Hail falling with a pan to the left to show hail hitting the car next to the camera.

Clip 16 Hail falling and hitting the ground.

Clip 17 Hail falling and hitting a roof with a Dish Network antenna on it.

Clip 18 The second wave of the storms passing by which looked good but were not severe.

Clip 19 Behind the storm, Rainbow.

Clip 20 – 21 Mammatus Clouds at sunset.