8/6/2013 Breckenridge MN Storm Damage

High winds and a possible tornado caused extensive damage to parts of Breckenridge, MN this evening.

Shot 1: Building missing roof with roof pieces and flooded street
Shot 2: Part of a roof in the street
Shot 3: Shot of people and missing roof and damage
Shot 4: person in front of business with missing roof
Shot 5: Tree Damage
Sot 6: Debris next to fire hydrant
Shot 7: Debris with person driving through flooded streets
Shot 8: Golfball size hail
Shot 9: Person driving in flooded water
Shot 10: More Tree and Trampoline Damage
Shot 11: Trampoline against house
Shot 12: Flooding water in a manhole
Shot 13: people driving in downtown damage of Breckenridge