8/5/2013 Kingman County Kansas Severe Wind

Severe thunderstorm winds occur west of Wichita, Kansas Monday evening.

This video package covers two storms that hit Kingman County, Kansas. The first storm (before sunset) produced a reported 60mph wind southwest of the town of Kingman. The second storm was shot from the town of Cunningham where 70mph winds were reported. Winds of 80-85mph were reported with this storm about 15 miles to the west in the town of Pratt, Kansas.

TRT – 2:20

***Storm 2***

1) Strong winds whipping through tree tops in Cunningham, Kansas.

2) Severe thunderstorm winds blowing down the streets of Cunningham.

3,4) Shots of damaging winds carrying tree branches down the streets of Cunningham, Kansas.

5) Tornado sirens going off in Cunningham due to the strong winds and damage reported in Pratt, Kansas.

***Storm 1***

6) Shot of the underside of a gust front.

7) Storm base with lightning under gust front.

8) Dust blowing in 55-60mph wind gusts under gust front.

9) Turbulent clouds boiling on the underside of the gust front.

10) Gust front shot (whales mouth).

11) POV shot driving towards northern edge of the gust front.

12,13,14) Various shots of an approaching gust front.

15) POV shot driving through rain with a truck passing.

16) Strong winds with the thunderstorm south of the town of Kingman, Kansas.