8/4/2013 Wichita Kansas Wind Damage and River Flooding

Strong winds topple trees and heavy rains create minor river flooding in Wichita, Kansas
TRT – 2:02

1,2) A Ford Ranger underneath a large tree branch that had fallen in strong winds.

3) Red truck hidden under the large tree branch.

4,5) Damage to the truck bed on the red truck.

6) House with a large tree branch in their front yard over their red truck.

7) Ford Ranger under tree branch.

8,9) Tree branch split over a city sidewalk in a downtown Wichita park.

10,11,12,13,14) Shots of a river dam along the Arkansas River being toppled by floodwaters and creating dangerous rapids.

15) "Keeper of the Plains" and downtown Wichita with a flooded Arkansas River.

16) Downtown Wichita shot with flooded river.

17) Exploration place with flooded river.