8/4/2013 Valley Center Kansas Flash Flooding

A suburb on the north side of Wichita, Kansas received heavy rainfall overnight and into this morning creating flooding problems all over town.

Doppler radar estimates that 3.12" of rain had fallen from midnight to 10:00 AM.

TRT – 6:07

1,2,3) Shots of a red Ford sedan evacuated and left behind in flood waters.

4) Road closed sign with flooded car.

5) A green Pontiac thinks twice before entering the deepest portion of flood waters and decides to back up and take another route.

6,7) Vehicles driving through a flooded intersection in Valley Center.

8) Shot that shows the extent of street flooding with the red Ford in the background.

9) Front view of flooded car.

10,11,12) Shots of a homeowner's front yard submerged in flood waters.

13) City crew and police setting up a barricade to close a flooded road in Valley Center.

14) A white truck driving down a flooded street with heavy rain falling.

15) A vehicle that makes a wise decision to turn around an take an alternate route.

16) A car's headlights nearly submerged as it travels through flood waters.

17,18,19) Vehicles all make a wise decision to turn around and avoid flood waters, but some hesitate before doing so.

20) Wide shot of a flooded road.

21) Water depth sign showing nearly 2 feet of water over the road.

22) Meridian Street flooded in Valley Center.

23) A truck driving in flood waters decides to turn off before entering the deeper waters.

24) b-roll of light falling against a light.

25) b-roll of rain falling onto the concrete.

26) A sign warning motorists of the potential flooding.

27,28) A drainage ditch turns into a raging vortex of flood waters as it swirls around debris.

29,30,31) Shots of county roads under water.

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