6/15/2013 Wyoming and Colorado severe storms footage.


Severe storms, including a large, long-track supercell, move across several states on Saturday. Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado all experienced severe weather ranging from high winds to hail. No tornadoes were reported, but nearly 100 reports of severe weather went out on Saturday.

***PART 1 – Burns, Wyoming (0:00-2:20) Afternoon

Scene 1: Wide shot of supercell storm that would track across three states (WY, NE, CO).

Scene 2: Broad rotation in the clouds.

Scene 3: Brief, faint landspout beneath the supercell captured on POV camera.

Scene 4: Hail hitting street south of Burns.

Scene 5: Vehicle pulled off the road as hail falls south of Burns.

Scene 6: POV drive shot in hail.

Scene 7-8: Hail on the highway, nearly covering the pavement.

Scene 9: Hail falling on dirt driveway.

Scene 10-12: Shots of vehicles hiding beneath I-80 overpass at the Burns exit when as the storm was overhead.

Scene 13-16: A person getting out of their car and wrongly seeking shelter in the overpass. Scenes show exiting vehicle, standing on concrete ramp, then returning to car.

***PART 2 – Sterling, Colorado (2:20-4:12) Evening

Scene 17-18: Scenic wide shots as developing supercell approaches Sterling just before sunset.

Scene 19: Vehicles hiding at a bank drive-thru as hail starts to fall.

Scene 20: POV along I-76 just west of the Sterling exit where heavier hail falls.

Scene 21: Shot of hail falling on I-76.

Scene 22: Vehicles driving by on I-76.

Scene 23: POV shot looking at handfull of vehicles pulled off on the eastbound side of I-76 heading to Sterling.

Scene 24: Camper with flashers pulled over on westbound shoulder of I-76.

Scene 25: Close shot of pulled over van on eastbound I-76.

Scene 26: Highway patrol officer with lights on pulled over during hailstorm on eastbound I-76.

Scene 27: Wide shot of eastbound I-76 with state patrol officer and several vehicles on the eastbound shoulder of I-76.

Scene 28: Panned shot from cop to vehicles on eastbound I-76.
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