6/17/2013 Morgan County, CO Insane Hailstorm

Severe weather breaks out across parts of eastern Colorado bringing copious amounts of hail that rained down on kids, animals, and vehicles and burying roads in drifts over a foot deep.

Several supercells rolled across the state and made quite a mess in the region. Scenes resembling Colorado blizzards were the result of these massive hailstorms.

Video shot along US-34 in Morgan County 7 miles east of Brush, Colorado just before the Morgan/Washington County line.

Scene 1-2: Wide shots of storm as it moves north of Brush.

Scene 3: Wall cloud as storm approaches Brush.

Scene 4: Three people running for cover as storm approaches (scene from early non-severe storm in Yuma, CO)

Scene 5: Hail falling on US-34.

Scene 6: Hail falling on dirt road.

Scene 7: Kids outside a minivan pulled on the shoulder collecting hail during storm. One gets bopped on the head. Both kids were okay.

Scene 8: Wide shot of minivan during hailstorm.

Scene 9-10: Raccoon running through a field as the hail falls.

Scene 11-13: Shots of hail falling on roadways during storm.

Scene 14: POV approaching where main hail shaft crossed US-34 east of Brush with ruts up to a foot deep.

Scene 15: Truck nearly spins out on deep hail and struggles for traction.

Scene 16: Vehicle pulls onto the shoulder covered in hail.

Scene 17: Shot of pulled over vehicle with semi passing.

Scene 18: Oncoming truck in hail ruts.

Scene 19: Panning of passing semi to two vehicles pulled over on US-34.

Scene 20: Long shot of truck passing pulled over vehicles in deep hail.

Scene 21-22: People standing near pulled over vehicle looking at the hail cover.

Scene 23: Oncoming semi kicks up hail.

Scene 24: Away-going truck drives through hail.

Scene 25: Hail in hand with hail drifts background.

Scene 26: Holding 1.50" stone with hail scene in background.

Scene 27: Shot of road and field covered in up to a foot of hail.

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