6/13/2013 Washington County, CO Landspout Tornado and Hail.

While parts of Colorado continue to burn in the extreme fire danger, other parts of the state experienced severe weather. Several tornadoes, hail, and high winds were reported across northeast Colorado.

Video shot in Washington County, Colorado north of the town of Akron.

Scene 1-2: Shots of a funnel (contrast enhanced) near the Washington County line.

Scene 3-5: Various shots of one of the Washington County reported tornado/landspouts. Large dust swirl on the ground, shot in motion and POV.

Scene 6-10: Various shots of rain/hail along CO-63 north of Akron.

Scene 11-15: Various shots of drivers taking shelter at the CO-63 underpass of I-76 during the tornado warning.

Scene 16: POV lightning strike.

Scene 17-19: Various shots of a large dust storm off in the distance, AKA a Haboob.

Scene 20: Shot of cloud base of storm.