6/8/2013 Sarasota, FL Heavy Rains

HD video of very heavy rain on I-75 and other areas around Sarasota County. Traffic on I-75 and US-41 in heavy rain w/ road flooding again. Event not related to TS Andrea. TRT 2:25

Shot list:

1) North bound I-75 with very dark cloud at boundary where rain starts.
2,3,4) Traffic slowed to under 30mph on I-75 in extremely heavy rain in Sarasota County.
5) Stopped traffic in rain at University Pkwy.
6) Ringling causeway looking at bridge and downtown Sarasota.
7) Traffic in rain at ringling causeway at Bird Key.
8) People with umbrella in rain at Lido Key beach parking lot.
9,10,11,12,13) Five shots of traffic splashing in ponding water and rain on US-41 and connecting roads in city of Sarasota.