4/30/2013 Saint Cloud, MN I94 Wild Fire

Interstate 94 was shut down this afternoon in Saint Cloud, MN due to a wild fire that quickly got out of control before the Saint Cloud and Saint Augusta fire departments arrived on the scene.

Footage was shot from the county road 136 bridge or Oak Grove Road SW, over Interstate 94 as the high winds and dry grass made the fire expand quickly along the east bound lanes of Interstate 94 towards the county road 75 exit ramp.

Clip 01 Close up shot of the fire burning the grass along Interstate 94.

Clip 02 Fire water tanker truck driving along the side of I94 in the thick smoke.

Clip 03 Resident spraying water on his yard to prevent the fire from coming towards his home.

Clip 04 Wide shot of the person spraying water on the yard as the fire line is moving towards them.

Clip 05 Interstate 94 traffic backed up in the heavy thick smoke and high winds.

Clip 06 Fire crews on the scene in the yard to fight the fire.

Clip 07 Close up shots of the fire burning

Clip 08 Fire crews showing up on the scene.

Clip 09 Wide shot of the fire burning and jumps over to crews fighting the fire on a medium shot.

Clip 10 Fire Crews showing up on the scene

Clip 11 Fire Crews fighting the fire.

Clip 12 Fire Crews fighting the fire.

Clip 13 Wider shot of fire fighter in the fire.

Clip 14 More crews fighting the fire.

Clip 15 Fire fighter hosing down the area

Clip 16 Sheriffs deputy and Saint Cloud Fire Department truck blocking the traffic on Interstate 94 and shutting it down to all traffic going east bound.

Clip 17 Fire crews working to put the fire out.

Clip 18 State Patrol squad car showing up on the scene.

Clip 19 Saint Cloud Fire Crews and State Patrol blocking Interstate 94.

Clip 20 Pull back shot of the traffic backed up towards Highway 15 on the east bound lanes of Interstate 94 the shows the traffic stuck on the interstate and ends at the shot of the Engine 2 Fire Truck and State Trooper.

Clip 21 Tight shot of Saint Cloud fire truck door.

Clip 22 State trooper and Saint Cloud Police on the scene.

Clip 23 Tight shot of the front of the State Trooper squad car.

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