4/27/2013 Sabin, MN Buffalo River Major Flooding Crest

While Fargo, ND prepares for the Red River of the North crest, the river's that feed into the Red River are now cresting just to the south of the Fargo / Moorhead, metro area.

Clip 1 Wide shot of large area flooded out.

Clip 2 Road Closed sign with flooding behind the signs.

Clip 3 Stop sign with water half way up the sign pole.

Clip 4 Road signs in the water.

Clip 5 Shot of all the flooding and signs in the water.

Clip 6 What was a farm field is now a lake with Swans swimming in the high water.

Clip 7 Rushing water cutting through a farm field.  Pull back shot.

Clip 8 High water pull back shot from the bridge to where the road should be.

Clip 9 Snow pack still on the ground in areas.

Clip 10 Running water in the ditches that are flowing to the Buffalo river.

Clip 11 Buffalo River with major flooding just south of the town of Sabin, MN.  

Clip 12 Flooding around a farm.  The farm has a dike around it to protect it from the high waters.

Clip 13 Road signs in the flooding.

Clip 14 Wide shot of the flooding and road signs with the farm on the left.

Clip 15 Snow pack filling up the ditches along the road near the Buffalo River.

Clip 16 More snow pack covering areas on the north sides of the farm fields.  Pan shot from Right to Left.

Clip 17 Medium shot of the Buffalo River washing out a roadway for about a quarter mile.

Clip 18 House surrounded by water but not flooded out.

Clip 19 Buffalo River sign at the bridge just south of the town of Sabin, MN with the massive flooding in the background.

Clip 20 Water flowing under the bridge and it is only a couple feet from touching the beams on the bridge deck.  Pan shot to the right to show the large area of flooding.  

Clip 21 A rail road bridge with water almost up to the deck.

Clip 22 Snow pack and flooding.

Clip 23 Pan shot showing the snow pack along the side of the Buffalo River and the camera pans right to show how far the river has gone over its banks for almost a quarter mile to the west side of the river.

Clip 24 In the setting sun light, the flooding covers most of the ground to where the house in about a quarter mile away from the camera.