4/27/2013 IL and AR and MS Severe WX and Flood Package

Lot's of weather in this video.

A smorgasbord of weather to be had across the southern part of the U.S. with flooding continuing along the Mississippi River and severe weather breaking out across Arkansas and Mississippi. Video package includes 3 parts as described below.

PART 1: Jonestown, Mississippi
PART 2: Marvel, Arkansas
PART 3: Thebes, Illinois

TRT – 5:24

PART 1 (0:00-1:41) JONESTOWN, MS

Nighttime footage of tornado-warned storm after it crossed into Mississippi from Arkansas.

Scene 1: Shot as dark falls of disorganized wall cloud with vivid lightning strike.

Scene 2: POV in heavy rain with slow moving traffic.

Scene 3: Heavy hail up to 1.25" in diameter falling on highway.

Scene 4: Oncoming traffic in rain/hail.

Scene 5: Hail falling on highway.

Scene 6: Traffic in hail.

Scene 7-9: Hail falling on highway.

Scene 10: Traffic driving away in rain/hail.

PART 2 (1:42-3:36) MARVEL, AR

Severe storm that formed near Little Rock pushed across the entire eastern part of the state dropping hail up to half-dollar size, torrential rains, and wind.

Scene 11: Distant wall cloud over trees.

Scene 12: Fat funnel overhead while driving.

Scene 13: Disorganized wall cloud.

Scene 14-15: Hail falling on road.

Scene 16: Heavy rain and hail falling.

Scene 17: Heavy rain/wind looking down highway.

Scene 18: House in heavy rain/wind.

Scene 19: Half-dollar coin with hailstone.

Scene 20: Several stones compared to penny.

Scene 21: Goofy looking stone compared with penny.

Scene 22: Damaged highway sign.

Scene 23: Clouds

PART 3 (3:36-5:24) THEBES, IL

Major flooding continues along the Mississippi River in southern Illinois and Missouri. Another town facing significant issues due to the rising river is Thebes, IL, just south of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Scene 24: Shot of road closed sign with house on stilt flooded in the background.

Scene 25: Shot of house from flooded road with small wake.

Scene 26: Shot of house on stilt surrounded by high flood waters.

Scene 27: Another house on stilts surrounded by very high flood waters.

Scene 28: Flood waters up to a mailbox and satellite dish.

Scene 29: Flood waters almost overtaking mailbox.

Scene 30: Flood waters island an American flag and birdhouses.

Scene 31: Shot of a couple flooded buildings.

Scene 32: A "no dumping" sign in flood waters.

Scene 33: Wide shot of "Road Closed" sign in flood waters with water over road.

Scene 34: "Water Over Roadway" in flood waters with "Road Closed" reflecting in water.

Scene 35: Close up of "Water Over Roadway" sign in flood waters.