04/22/2013 Wichita, Kansas Severe Thunderstorm

A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect for Wichita, Kansas this evening for hail up to the size of quarters.

The storm also dumped torrential rainfall, which caused localized street flooding.***

TRT – 2: 45

1) Hail and rain falling just west of downtown Wichita at a gas station.

2) A man getting gas during the hailstorm and heavy rain.

3) Cars parked under gas canopy during the storm.

4) A man walking during a heavy downpour.

5) Hail falling in east Wichita.

6) Minor street flooding in east Wichita.

7) POV shot of traffic driving in the hail along Kellogg (highway 54).

8) POV shot of motorists parked under an overpass along Kellogg (highway 54).

9) POV shot of a car driving faster than they should be along Kellogg during the heavy downpour.

10) POV shot of the storm base rolling into west Wichita.

11,12,13) Shots of the storm base, with some cloud turbulence, rolling into Wichita, Kansas.

14) A car turning with heavy rain falling and hail in the foreground.

15) A shot of heavy rain falling in Wichita, Kansas.