4/22/2013 Twin Cities Area of Minnesota Winter Storm B Roll Footage

Yet another winter storm, in spring.

Everyone in the greater Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area of Minnesota, and the rest of Minnesota is hoping that this is the final winter storm and final round of snow for the season.  

A powerful winter storm dumped another half of a foot of heavy wet snow in the south metro area of Dakota County.

Even the crews at the Minneapolis International Airport had to go back to winter mode to de-ice airplanes this evening.  

And in the later part of the video, April Snow Showers Bring Minnesota Snow Plowers… and cars in the ditches.  

Clip 1  Spoon Bridge at the sculpture garden in downtown Minneapolis.  They snow was so heavy that you could not see the skyline in the background.

Clip 2-4 Footage of Robins in the snow looking for food.

Clip 05 A treeline and the heavy snow falling.

Clip 06 Aircraft taxiing in the snow at the Minneapolis & Saint Paul International Airport.

Clip 07 Aircraft landing

Clip 08 – 13 Various shot of aircraft de-icing.

Clip 14 Snow falling with a light highlighting the snow and aircraft in the background.

Clip 15 One of the worlds largest aircraft, an Antonov Cargo plane landing in the heavy snow.
The following clips were shot after dark in Dakota County showing the poor driving conditions in the heavy snow.

Clip 16 Flag blowing in the wind and snow

Clip 17 – 18  SUV sliding in the snow

Clip 19 Car spinning the front tires in the snow trying to go forward.

Clip 20 – 21  Heavy snow covering tree branches

Clip 22 Mini van spinning its tires trying to drive up a hill

Clip 23 – 24 Burnsville, MN city banner signs.  Once side is coated the while the other side you can kind of make out what it says.

Clip 25 POV dash camera showing a sign warning of a crash ahead

Clip 26 Drive by shot of a car in the ditch on Interstate 35E

Clip 27 Drive by shot of a car in the center cables on Interstate 35E with police on the scene.

Clip 28 Minivan in the ditch on Interstate 35E  

Clip 29 State Patrol on the scene of a crash on Interstate 35E with the car in the center cables

Clip 30 SUV crashed on the exit ramp of 35E and county road 50

Clip 31 – 37 Various snow plow footage.