04/22/2013 Chester, IL River Flooding

Waters are on the rise along the Mississippi River across southern Illinois after a weekend of rains further north that is moving down the river.

Other tributaries further north, including the Kaskaskia River near Vandalia are adding water to the rising river.

In the town of Chester, Illinois, the river is at moderate flood stage with a crest expected Tuesday afternoon at around 38', 2 feet below major flood stage. As of 4:00pm, the river at Chester was 36.23' with a slow rise expected overnight. The river is expected to fall below flood stage (27') on Friday.

TRT – 4:17

Scene 1-3: Shots of flooded IL-3 Truck Route with the Chester city limit sign in the foreground.

Scene 4-5: Wide shots of water over IL-3 Truck Route (Water Road) looking down the road.

Scene 6: Shot of Water Road with water over it.

Scene 7-8: Shot of barricade closing off flooded road.

Scene 9: Shot of various highway signs flooded.

Scene 10: Close shot on stop sign in high water.

Scene 11: Shot looking down a road with building in the background.

Scene 12: Barricade blocking a road beneath a bridge with flooding in the background.

Scene 13: Shot of flooded intersection along Water Road at Park Blvd.

Scene 14: Shot of 40mph Speed Limit sign with flood waters.

Scene 15: Shot of truck sign in flood waters.

Scene 16: Barricade with water on road.

Scene 17: Looking under a bridge with flood waters beneath it.

Scene 18: Shot of water over a Kaskaskia St.

Scene 19: Wide shot of flooded road with Highway 51 bridge in the background.

Scene 20: Flooded parking lot with cars parked on dry ground.

Scene 21: Shot of flood waters blocking a road in front of railroad tracks.

Scene 22-24: Shots of large debris floating down Mississippi River.

Scene 25: Shot of water current on river.

Scene 26: Wide shot of Mississippi River at Chester.

Scene 27: Flooded field right up against IL-3 on the east side of Chester.