4/19/2013 Vandalia, IL Major River Flooding B-Roll

Record flooding is occurring along the Kaskaskia River at Vandalia in south-central Illinois.

As of 4pm CDT Friday, the river was at 27.89', the second highest recorded depth (only behind the May-2002 record of 28.27'). It is forecast to crest around 29' Friday evening which would be a new all-time record for this location. The river is expected to slowly fall to below flood stage by Wednesday.

As a result of the flooding, levees near the town were being overtaken with water and several low-lying areas in town were inundated with as much as 6' of water due to many creeks feeding the Kaskaskia getting backed up due to the high levels of water.

Engineers were discussing whether to release one of the levees up stream to try and lower the river levels. A decision had not been reached as of this upload (5:15pm CDT).

TRT – 6:10

Part 1 (0:00-0:34) Establishing Shots

Scene 1 – Shot of Kaskaskia River sign with flooded river in background.

Scene 2 – Shot of the Left Bank Levee spilling over to a nearby field with the US-51 sign in the foreground.

Scene 3 – Shot of the gage house at the river.

Part 2 (0:34-3:14) Town of Vandalia

Scene 4 – Wide shot of flooding across Jefferson & 4th.

Scene 5 – Shot of barricade with flooded house in the background.

Scene 6 – Close up of residents on the porch of a flooded home.

Scene 7 – Woman wading through flood waters in front of her home.

Scene 8 – Another house in flood waters.

Scene 9 – Front of house in flood waters.

Scene 10, 11 – Shot of a local gym with water part way up the front doors.

Scene 12 – Front of building with have submerged pop machine.

Scene 13 – Shot of building in flood waters with submerged vehicle next to it.

Scene 14 – Close up of vehicle with water up to windows.

Scene 15 – Shot of a pickup, another car, and a trailer partially submerged in water.

Scene 16 – Utility truck backing away from closed road and flood.

Scene 17 – Pickup truck turning away from closed flooded road.

Scene 18 – Three residents stand at a barricade along Jefferson St.

Scene 19 – Shot of a barricade with flood waters up to a stop sign.

Scene 20 – Shot of the 4th & Jefferson sign in flood waters.

Scene 21 – Tight shot of stop sign.

Part 3 (3:14-5:04) Overtaken Levees

Scene 22 – Wide shot of road with Vandalia Levee in background at a railroad crossing.

Scene 23 – Shot of R/R crossing sign with overtaken Vandalia Levee in background.

Scene 24 – Tight shot of water flowing rapidly over Left Bank Levee.

Scene 25 – Wide shot of water spilling over Left Bank Levee.

Scene 26 – Very wide shot of flooded field with overflowing Left Bank Levee in the background.

Scene 27, 28 – More tight shots of water flowing over the levees.

Scene 29 – Wide shot of Left Bank Levee overflow.

Scene 30 – Shot looking down on Left Bank Levee with water flow over the top.

Scene 31 – Tight shot of levee overflow.

Scene 32, 33, 34 – An inundated county road near the Left Bank Levee.

Part 4 (5:04-6:10) USGS Surveyer

Scene 35 – Shot of USGS van at the river.

Scene 36 – Tight shot of USGS van.

Scene 37 – Extended sequence of surveyor lowering flow instrumentation into the river from the bridge.

Scene 38 – Tight shot of river flow instrumentation in the river.

Scene 39 – Tight shot of surveyor with laptop releasing the rope along the bridge.

Scene 40 – Wide shot of surveyor on the bridge with instrumentation in the water.