4/18/2013 Stearns County, MN Winter Storm B-Roll

Another powerful winter storm system is hitting central Minnesota hard again with more heavy snow and sleet. 

A foot of snow is has fallen over the Stearns County, MN area around the city of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.  

B-Roll footage shows the horrible driving conditions due to the heavy snow. The snow fall rates were over an inch and a half an hour at times.  

Any vehicle that crashed on Interstate 94 and was not blocking the roadway was actually left on the side of the road  due to low visibility from the heavy snow making it too dangerous for tow truck crews to remove the vehicles until after the storm.

Total Run Time 4:07

Clip 01 – 03  Plow trucks plowing the on ramp on Interstate 94 at the Tornado Sirens fills audio track. This is winter awareness week and today was the day to test the sirens for tornado warnings.  

Clip 04 Passing shot of a snow plow from the side camera.

Clip 05 – 07 POV shots of snow plows

Clip 08 Drive by shot of two vehicles crashed on the side of Interstate 94

Clip 09 What is left of an SUV that was left on the side of the interstate after it crashed.

Clip 10 Vehicle that slide off the interstate and stuck in the ditch.

Clip 11 POV driving in very heavy snow

Clip 12 Drive by shot of a tow truck trying to pull out a minivan stuck in the ditch on highway 75

Clip 13 Drive by shot of a car in the center ditch

Clip 14 SUV stuck in the center ditch of interstate 94

Clip 15 A Pickup truck is stuck in the deep snow in the center of Interstate 94 fails to get out and just spins all of the tires.

Clip 16 POV Driving in heavy snow

Clip 17 – 18 B-Roll of people making a large snowman in Saint Cloud

Clip 19 Heavy snow falls on the steps outside of church at sunset in downtown Saint Cloud

Clip 20 Stop sign covered with 6 inches of heavy snow

Clip 21 Flags blowing in the high winds and heavy snow

Clip 22 The stop lights on 2nd Street and the sign for 2nd Street are covered with heavy snow.

Clip 23 And, a shot from the back yard, Very heavy wet snow covers a pine tree making it look like it is the middle of December, not the third week of the Major League Baseball season…